July 1st, 2014: CarpBase was officially released to public. Please send any comments and enquiries to
June 7-11th, 2014: Prof. Xiaowen Sun and Dr. Peng Xu participated the World Aquaculture Conference 2014 at Adelaide, Australia and Dr. Peng Xu presented progresses of genomics and genetics study on Chinese common carp.
March 20, 2013: Prof. Xiaowen Sun and Dr. Peng Xu, Jiongtang Li, Jian Xu participated the first PAG Asia conference at Singapore.
October 15th, 2012: The 250 K high density SNP array for common carp was constructed with Affymetrix Axiom platform. The array will be available for common carp genome and genetic research community after evaluation.
Professor Xiaowen Sun participate in PAG conference at San Diego.

CCGP project leading scientist, Prof. Xiaowen Sun, participated in the PAG at San Diego on January, accompanied by Dr. Peng Xu, Xumin Wang, Jiongtang Li and Guiming Liu. Dr. Peng Xu gave a 15-minute talk on the Aquaculture Workshop and introduced the latest progress of CCGP in China.

May 25,2011  The CarpBase is available.